About… 5 little letters that completely stop all of my neural pathways. Well… not completely. As far as I can tell I am still breathing. I never know what to put in the about section for any website. Maybe some day I’ll open my mind, write a masterpiece, and then I’ll have something to cut and paste everywhere. Until then I’ll ramble a bit…

I am a divorced father of four. I have two boys and two girls. My oldest daughter is the only one of my kids that is married and she has blessed me with two wonderful grandsons. I have been divorced for longer than I can remember. No… wait… longer than that… these days I only remember certain things and divorce isn’t one of them. Life is good. I have a great job, good friends, and photography.

I like to drive. In the 40 plus years that I have been driving, I have literally driven millions of miles. Every location that I travel to, I travel by vehicle and in that vehicle there is at least one camera. Rarely ever just one but at least one. I’m not sure what I am going to do if I ever want to travel to Europe. That would be a long drive.

I love photography. It is a refuge from work because it’s not like work. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for a living but sometimes it’s good to get completely away and recharge. Photography does that for me. I have driven 10 hours specifically to take a single image and when I got it I turned around and went home the next day. OCD? Nope… I just enjoy making images.

The next time you visit here this may all be gone. For now, this is my version of the about window.

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