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Fireflies on a Warm Summers Eve (it’s not a work of art, it’s the blessing of good memories)

Sometimes I think that we need to remember the simpler times when we were kids.
I don’t know where you were raised. I’m southern born (Texas) and raised in not quite a 1/2 dozen other states. Some people think that our year of wet weather has been unusual. I remember it as normal. Pop up thunder storms during the day. Heavy, warm, damp air at night. There was no air conditioner. We had the sound of an attic fan and the cool breeze that washed over us as we slept. You could lie awake at night and hear the rustle of an armadillo in the grass below your window, crickets, frogs, and if you looked out of your window into the darkness, you might see the occasional creature of the night that more often than not was a forgotten tree bent over like a crouching tiger, bear, or monster of the dark. Toward late summer the fireflies would begin their courtship and chase each other through the bushes, often with us in hot pursuit. I have good memories of chasing fireflies on a warm summers eve. I chased them a little differently this evening but I remembered the simpler times because of it.
Fireflies on a Warm Summers Eve. There are 4. Can you find them? p171247502-5


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